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    […] Tooth Removable Partial Denture, also known as Nesbit, is a type of RPD to replace a missing tooth. Micromotion in Dental Implants – Extrinsic factors affecting micromotion in dental implants. Dental Implant Initial […]

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    […] Micromotion in Dental Implants – extrinsic factors affecting micromotion in dental implants. […]

  3. Lauri Priestley

    Your web site says affordable Dental Implants. I called the first dentist on the list above; Dr. Hart. He would not even give me a price range. In other words, he told me he would not speak prices on phone even though I wanted to know what ballpark of $ I was looking at. Whey waste both our time. He agreed, but still wouldn’t budge. Hmmmm, I’ld take him off the affordable list.

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